Recording Arts Workshops:
Workshops are group presentations which cover the core concepts of recording digital audio. Learn what’s really happening behind the gear, and what to do when things don’t sound the way you want. Attending this series of workshops is a great way to familiarize yourself with the most important concepts in recording. You will leave each workshop with papers outlining the concepts you learned, and a resource list to help you continue your learning on the topic.

About the Instructor:
The Recording Arts workshops are based on the topics that Brian Bertucci taught at Brevard Community College. Brian used many of the skills discussed in these classes daily during his seven years as a Composer and Audio Engineer for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

Future Workshops to be Offered:
Basics of Computer Recording
Electronic & Loop Music Production
Producing Podcasts

Audio Production Course:
When you’re ready to go beyond the basics, Launch Pad Audio provides in depth, individualized training for learners who want complete coverage of production techniques for professional results. Students have project times where they are able to decide upon areas of interest, and develop individual curriculum and projects to learn their desired skills. There is an emphasis on hands on, practical projects, and learning by doing in a studio environment.