Voice Over Demo Reel – Examples of my VO for Video and Podcasting Recording and Editing

NASA Marketing Video, Cryogenic Safety Video & Horse Radio Network – Horses in the Morning & Western Show


Corporate Music Demo – I wrote, arranged, sequenced, played instruments, edited loops, and mixed.

Surge & Liftoff –  I played electric guitar and bass on both of these, and edited the drum loops to fit.  Space shuttle launch sounds from NASA video archive.

Liquid – Evolving electronic track for a NASA video – I was asked to create something evoking “Upbeat technology, but not too dance-y.”

2nd Dawning – A loop song with lots of parts chopped up, retriggered, crushed, & stretched.  Especially proud of the breakdown and Doppler effect at the end…

TV Speed – Written with a “Newscast Intro” sort of vibe for a multimedia project in FL Studio.

Lunascape – Mindstalking Remix

My remix of Lunascape’s Mindstalking – I speed up the tempo, and created a stronger, swinging rhythm section, as well as featuring the beautiful, lush strings even more than the original.

That Fire (NASA Strings)

I produced song this for a NASA video – it includes public domain samples of JFK and the Apollo Moon Missions.