Brian Bertucci is a Singer/Songwriter, Audio Producer, and Technology Instructor who gives Computer Recording Lessons from his teaching studio in Lexington, Ky, Launch Pad Audio.

Recording lessons at Launch Pad Audio provide in-depth, individualized training in the creative and technical parts of writing and recording music in a home studio.

The content of these classes include the information Brian taught in his Computer Audio class at Florida Eastern College, as well as the experience he gained working as an Audio Producer at the Kennedy Space Center for seven years and his experience as an English Writing teacher and technology trainer.

Lessons are customized for student’s personal musical goals and focus on hands-on projects during class time.   Students have the ability to decide upon areas of interest and develop individual projects to learn their desired skills.

There is an emphasis on hands on, practical projects, and learning by doing in a studio environment.  This is a unique opportunity to be mentored by an expert teacher and audio professional to quickly gain skill in using computers to capture your creative ideas and share them with others.


Topics Covered:





We will “learn by doing” whenever possible.

To interview for a lesson spot, email me at: