Pinnacle Productions

Brian has been helping his friend, David Harl, who is the owner of Pinnacle Productions in Downtown Lexington, put some final touches on his upstairs sound room.  This room was completely renovated by David over the course of a year, and is finally ready to host sessions.

Brian has been putting the room though it’s paces with some test drum recordings, and the space feels great – live and airy, but with a tight bass drum sound.  Guitar amps sound amazing in this room as well!

hp photosmart 720
Upstairs Drum Room
hp photosmart 720
Tracking Room A
Pinnicle StudioB
Control Room, Studio A



The Living Arts and Science Center Audio Classes

Brian is proud to announce that he will begin offering Computer Music Classes at The Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington, Ky.  Check out: Intro to Computer Music Recording,” which is being held Oct 4,11,18,and 25th from6-8pm.
Class fee is 65$ / $75 for non-members.  Visit their site (  for more info or to register, or call (859) 255-2284.

Also being offered is “Making a Musical Remix” on Nov 3,7,17 from 6-8pm – $55 / $65 for non-members.

Guitar Lessons at Beaumont YMCA

My wife and I have been taking guitar lessons with David McLean at the YMCA for about a year, and I cannot say enough good things about the whole program.  David is a born teacher, with an infectious enthusiasm for life and the guitar.  His teaching method instantly draws in beginners, quickly develops practical skills, and is deep enough to grow with for many years worth of learning.

David’s program is one of only three in the nation to be sponsored by the Gibson Guitar company – a testament to the quality and results that his lessons produce.  The YMCA offers financial assistance for these classes to those who qualify, so everyone in Lexington should know about this excellent opportunity for music instruction!

New Songwriting Class – Living Arts and Science Center

Learn how to come up with ideas, use song patterns and formats, and how to rhyme (and when not to). We’ll talk about the creative process, understanding your inner editor, and provide lots of song starters.  Students will get one-on-one help and critiques with the writing subjects of their choice.

June 7,14,21 Class Fee $65 / $70 non-member

Horses in the Morning Theme

Launch Pad Audio was contracted to create a 30 second theme song to create a musical identity for Horse Radio Network’s newest show, the 2 hour live morning show “Horses in the Morning.” We delivered a fun, upbeat piece that conveys the attitude of the hosts, and included the station’s tag: It’s a Beautiful Day for Horses in the Morning! Listen in


Western Radio Show Theme Song

Brian has just finished writing the theme music to the new Western Radio Show for the Horse Radio Network. Writing the words and chords took a day, doing the drums and the instruments took another. A fun break from my usual style. Check it out

. Western harmonies and twang – Yehaw!

LPA @ WEG – Templeton Thompson


I had the pleasure of recording a couple of songs by Templeton Thompson, of Planet Cowgirl fame, for the live broadcast tonight. Templeton’s an inspiring girl – she’s been out on the road making her living with her music for many years, and her professionalism and energy make her a pleasure to work with!


      Horse that can fly - Tempelton Thompson



LPA @ WEG – Swedish Reining Team

Isabelle, one of the competitors from the Swedish Reining Team (who knew there were western horses in Sweden?) let on that she was something of a singer. Good-natured host, Glenn, of course, invites her to end the show with a song.

After scurrying around with about 4 minutes notice, I set up the mics as best I can, hit the record button, and watch with everyone else as this little girl opens up her mouth and unleashes an amazing voice! Literally everyone within earshot of this stopped for

      three minutes to listen.

LPA @ WEG – On the Air!

IEF Recording

Recordings are going great – everyone is getting settled in, meeting lots of cool people, and figuring out where the good food is! And, thankfully, the traffic downtown is not as bad as was feared… Look for more updates from the International Equestrian Festival, as we have time!

LPA to Support Live Broadcast at WEG

Launch Pad Audio will be running sound for the live broadcast of the 2010 Radio Show each night at 7pm from Sept 25th through October 8th at the International Equestrian Festival located at the Lexington Convention Center. Tickets are $5, feel free the drop by and say hello to Brian and Horse Radio Network hosts Glenn Hebert and Samantha Clark!