I got my musical start playing and singing in church groups, and then as a singer-songwriter. I played shows as a solo artist in college, and began experimenting with recording as an aid to my songwriting, first with a cassette 4-track, and then with computer audio, which I used to record demos for friends and bandmates.  This experience lead me to a job as an audio intern at a digital media support group at the Kennedy Space Center.

I stayed late, read every manual in sight, and within a year was brought on full time and was producing audio content for the Digital Media Lab in their Pro Tools TDM studio. For the next seven years, I composed, recorded, and edited music for marketing and training videos, web animations, and interactive games.

While at KSC, I got to touch a shuttle, shoot high speed footage of heat tiles being destroyed, and won a total of five Communicator Audio Awards for my production work.  My favorite project each year was being a mentor for High School students in the NASA FIRST Robotics competition, where I taught students the basics of audio and video production.

As an Instructor, I believe that my role is to give back to others, help develop talent and skills, and empower learners. This means not only presenting information, but building habits of exploration, curiosity, and critical thinking. I have been privileged to build my instructional skills through a variety of teaching experiences:  I have taught middle school, high school, and college students, as well as home school students and adult learners in creative writing, computer audio, and video production.

I have worked as a Middle School English Writing Teacher, Writing Tutor, Corporate Trainer, and Home school Co-Op Instructor (Rock Band camp).  My B.A. degree in English / Creative Writing has been a great help in my personal songwriting, as well as allowing me to assist students to include their own creative visions into our lessons.

I have taught “Intro to Computer Recording” as an Adjunct Professor at Florida Eastern College, where my class utilized a hands-on approach, with students completing real world tasks such as producing radio spots, remixing songs, and mixing 24 track sessions in class.   I have also taught Computer Music and Songwriting at the Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington, Ky.

I currently work at the Kentucky Talking Book Library, where I am the Recording Studio Manager and Volunteer Coordinator.  Each week, I train and support 30 volunteers in narrating and producing audio books about Kentucky history and Appalachian culture.

I have recently graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Master’s Degree in Library Science, specializing in digital media lab instruction (especially audio/video production), instructional design, oral history, media literacy, and the maker space movement.

I work with a small number of students by invitation at my studio, Launch Pad Audio. To inquire about lessons, email me at: brianbertucci9@gmail.com





Brian Bertucci




Contact: brianbertucci9@gmail.com