Launch Pad Audio is a Project Recording Studio based in Lexington, Kentucky. We provide our clients with:

Audio Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Editing and Sound Design

Original Composition

Digital Audio Restoration

Production of Podcasting and On-Hold Messaging

Web Design, CD Art, and Duplication packages

We work with independent artists, local businesses, and clients over the web.

Headed by Brian Bertucci, who produced music, multimedia, and video productions at the Kennedy Space Center for seven years, we offer personal and professional service to each of our customers.

Tracking Nears Completion for Insular Hymns

Brian has finished all tracking for drums, bass, and rhythm guitars for Insular Hymns.  A few guitar overdubs, organ parts, and vocals are what remains.  Then, the mixing begins!

I’ve held some of these songs in my head for so long, it’s weird to think that most people will be hearing them for the first time…

Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley


Free Audio Course from Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music is making their Introduction to Music Production class available online through Coursera.org.  I have taken both the Music Production and Songwriting classes, and both have lots of useful information, although I found that commenting on the forums was not as immediate as being in a physical class.

Everyone has a different learning style, and I have used a variety of sources and formats in my Audio learnings.  Hopefully, this will of use to some of you.


“With the recent introduction of high-quality-low-cost software and hardware, the tools of music production are now available to the masses. Albums are made in bedrooms as well as studios. On the surface this is liberating. Anyone can make an album for the low cost of a couple pieces of gear and a software package. But, if you dig deeper, you will find that it is not so easy. Producing music requires knowledge, dedication, and creativity.”

Circuit Bending Workshop

Living-Arts-and-Science-CenterWe’ll be taking old, unloved sound toys, goodwill keyboards, and all manner of audio junk, and giving it new life – as electrifying circuit bent creations! We’ll learn how to modify electronic sound circuits through a method of experimentation, and add switches and volume knobs to our instruments.

Then, we will sample our instruments to create a circuit bent song. Some soldering required, but the instructor can help, if you prefer.

Thurs Feb 26, March 5,12,19 2015 – Living Arts and Science Center

Teens/Adults 6-8pm, $65/75 (NM)

Songwriting with Korg EA-1

ea1I’ve been looking to simplify my songwriting process for a while now.  Without a doubt, the most complex part of music production for me is my computer.  It is so powerful, but also has email which needs to be checked, Facebook, YouTube, and lots of news sites that are all easier to check than actually sitting down and writing a new song.

So, I have been looking at getting some pieces of dedicated hardware for inspiration.  I bought this Korg EA-1 a while ago, and I am having the best time messing around with it and coming up with new sounds.  Very intuitive and immediate, and taking me in directions I normally wouldn’t go.

8 Bit Chip Tunes Class


Get ready to get retro! Learn about the history of 8 bit music in video games, and learn about the current chip tunes scene. We’ll learn the basics of writing our own chip tunes in a tracker and in Acoustica Mixcraft using virtual instruments to get the classic chip sound, and make our own chip tunes for the class to share.


Thur Jan 22, 29, Feb 5, 12 2015 – Living Arts and Science Center

Teens/Adults 6-8pm, $65/75 (NM)

Drum Edits Complete for Insular Hymns

command center-web

They are done.  They are good. They will make you move. Oh, Yea.

Drum Tracks for Insular Hymns

My good friend and work comrade Tyler Little is laying down drum tracks for my new record this week.  Tyler, you have picked up on these songs so fast, and infused them with a great feel!  Can’t wait for everyone to hear what you’re doing!

The studio is giving a very natural drum sound, with no boxiness or slap back problems.  We decided to record with a 4 mic setup for the sessions, 2 overhead condensers, a dynamic mic on the snare drum, and an SM 58 in the kick drum.  Mixing these tracks is going to be fast and fun!

tyler-webtwin mic overview-web


Disc Makers Partner Program


Launch Pad Audio is now a proud member of the Disc Makers Partner Program.  Disc Makers is the industry leader for CD duplication, and now our customers can take advantage of their fast, high quality duplication and printing, quick turn around time, and extensive packaging options and digital distribution packages.

Remixing Workshop

Living-Arts-and-Science-CenterStudents will be able to pick one of several songs, and then learn how to use a computer to change the rhythm, arrangement, and mix of the instruments. We will learn how to edit and re-arrange sounds, and how to use virtual instruments to add our own parts. Students will learn the basics of EQ, Compression, Reverb, and Delay, and leave with a understanding of how the different instruments in modern music work together to create the sounds we hear on the radio.

Living Arts and Science Center – Thurs Dec 6,13,20,6-8pm   $60/70 (nm)